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Venus Lamenting – 13-01-23

Corné Akkers Jan 22, 2023



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Just Another Artistic Motif

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Venus Lamenting – 13-01-23’ is a special one. It is an indictment of prudishness. My second to last one ‘Roundism – 30-12-22’ apparently shook up a bunch of people. Comments varied from great to ‘yet another tit pic’. There also were prudes from various countries who scorned me for the subject nudity anyway. Throughout the years I became used to these reactions somehow. I also take into account the fact people from each and any nation are present on social media nowadays. With this variety comes a whole set of different opinions and views of life. I cherish them all. That is, as long as they cherish my opinion back. If they don’t, then this art statement is for all those who lack the word reciprocity in their dictionary.

Climbing the Barricades

Personally I think the nude can be as much an artistic motif as any other. In fact I don’t complain in the least about a world of other motifs. One could like to depict golden retrievers, red roses and other darling, save and sound themes. I see them on a daily basis on Instagram and Facebook among others. I probably wouldn’t have made a big fuss because of contempt shown in the past. That’s what an artist is all about. I even like to provoke with my nudes a bit. A bit of sexiness but not too much. Just to be able to deny the presence of too much of it by underligning artistic aspects as well. Hmm, a bit of risque here an there. I love it! Why climb the barricades once again? Here’s why.


In a dutch paper, called ‘NRC’ there was this item on Jeannette Dekeukeleires. She is the gallery owner of ArtKitchen in Amsterdam, known for its stimulating and provocative art. After 20 years she will close the doors because of the effects cancel culture has on her business. Apparently there are many people – visitors and people passing by – who complain about nude art in her gallery. Faced with threats she came to the conclusion art isn’t suppose to stimulate or provoke anymore. I find this a very sad story. Hence I offer you my lamenting Venus to you all. It would be fun to see someone complaining about this nude on social media right away. Would I be willing to guide him or her through to this art statement for some badly needed re-education? Perhaps the best attitude is to respect the complainer’s inability to respect my view on things.


Something completely different is the execution of this drawing. Last November I visited ‘Klimt – The Golden Boy’ exhibition at The Van Gogh Museum together with my parents. There I saw his painting ‘Judith’ for the second time. Surely that is one of my favorites. Not only for his painting techniques but also because of the excellent framing job. Actually I am a bit jealous. Therefor The Trompe-l'œil frame is to commemorate his skills of using gold leaf in paintings and frames. Last but not least, the reference picture I used is a photo from1927 made by Swedish photographer Moisé Benkow.

Graphite pencil (Faber Castell Pitt Graphite Matt pencil 14B) drawing Talens Bristol paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers


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